Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Edseys - I'm Not Standing By Myself

              The only vinyl release from this mod influenced mid 80's Chicago band. This trio of brothers wrote catchy pop melodies with a very mod-ish style. This was a 7" from 1987 on Broken Records. Not the same Broken Records from England, either.  The bass player on this one is my uncle, and my aunt designed the sleeve. My uncle finds it hilarious the prices people are paying for his 7" these days. It's to my belief these these songs later surfaced on a cassette release, and were also featured on some kind of mod compilation. I remember my uncle telling me about some comments he saw somewhere about the comp. He said someone was arguing about how The Edseys "were never a mod band." thirty years later. Anyways, track B1 is killer.

B2 - I've Decided

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